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April 7 2005
@ 10:10 am
[ mood | sad ]

So I finally got a new screename it's weird but I like it and Im sticking to it until I think of something better it's: la vita bella so add it. Also I decided that I should get a new lj and get rid of this I have been stuck to nalqaz, mz nalqaz, nalqona stuff for such a long time now that I think it's time to look beyond that, beyond the cam whore and booty and all that crap. So I'm making a new lj vita__bella add it asap. REMEMBER IT HAS TWO OF THESE __

I'm gonna go make it now it's gonna be sad getting rid of this one but this one has alot of memories and stuff that I dont want to hold on to. Plus I need new lj friends theres always those that like to leak info to others so I rather get rid of it.


-tear in my eye ! 

Amused / Part-timer [Wednesday
April 6 2005
@ 3:37 pm
[ mood | amused ]

This song from Will Smith- Switch is so fucking stupid. I remember my boyfriend being on the radio one night and some caller called in wanting to play it he said sure sure NOT on the air making the guy look like the BIGGEST jackass. I'm not amused by this song it's dumb he's too good and clean cut for me even though I heard him and Jada are swingers. Hey you never know!

So it looks like I'm getting a raise at work but I'm gonna start leaving around 5 everyday instead of 6 which kind of sucks it cuts down dramatically on the hours I get in unless I dont go to lunch. Also the owner called in today and he told me how happy he is with my work and that he is very satisfied by my work. I have to admit I felt good, he was also very concerned if I really was happy with the position I said of coarse. He kind fo scares me when he calls to talk to me, Yesterday I caught him looking at my ass/hips. You know when you turn your body but not your legs when I did that I caught him looking NASTY too. lol

Anyways I know I would be killing myself but I really want to get a small, small part time either something over the weekend like do 20 hrs in a wk end or somthing from 6 to I dont know what. They say I'm just being greedy by wanting more money and another job. But can someone really ever have enough money. Money buys happines =x lol.

So today I hit the gym and I hit it hard I am offically very jealous of that bitch Melyssa Ford yeah right I love that girl I would be a lesbian for her. Shes so pretty she was in Miami last Friday. Anyways even though I would never get like that, I could only wish but hey I do need to lose a bit of weight. Well I'm out of here and CAN SOMEONE PLS HELP ME W/ SOME OVERRIDES OR DIRECT ME TO A COMMUNITY THAT CAN?

edit; this is for star_mentality hey tam ;] look at this: http://www.nycpeach.com/Gallery/?cat=7

edit; my love of SIDEKICK [Friday
March 25 2005
@ 12:30 pm
[ mood | thirsty ]

So since my poor momma has bad credit I cant get a plan w/ T-Mobile like I would like to. But I heard that SIDEKICK'S (2) have pre-paid now. star_mentality really made me want to get one even more. I want it sooo bad I been saying it forever I have the money NOW to get but augh to live with like 600 min for a month ? Is it worth it ?

updates [Friday
March 18 2005
@ 12:04 pm
[ mood | hopeful ]

So I'm at work surprise, surprise. I get paid today I'm so happy I have been completly broke for 2 weeks since those Chanel Glasses never again will I go to the beach and spend of random shit. I'm in a surprisngly really good mood. Not cause it's just pay day but hey it helps make m day. The fair opended. I love the fair I havent been there in about 3 years. The Ring Two came out and I'm dieing to see it even though I know m no going to be able to sleep for like weeks. (It happend to me the first time I saw it hahaha funny huh ?)

Me and Entice are okay we continued arguing and all that after I said everything was cool but I gave up at one point and said fuck that I dont want to deal with you and walked away from him and he just whoa was like "No I'm sorry blah blah blah I'm sorry you just drive me nuts sometimes" gave me a huge hug and ever since then everythings been cool. His boys are in town from Tampa so I'm not even hanging out with him.

My bestfried is leaving to California on Saturday I'm devastated (shes gone all spring break) but we're going to the beach for one good send off on Saturday. I thougth I was gonna be all lonely cause thats one of my few girlfriends (I dont have many) then out of nowhere my old school friend Kimberly calls me while I'm at work so we're gonna chill the whole weekend hopefully. Thank God like that I dont hastle Entice about being w/ his boys.

Anoter thing I am dieing but I mean dieing to get this pierced but I mean for one I dont know if my boss will be cool with me working at an office and me having it.  I want to get that piercing that it looks like a mole on your side lip. Augh I love it I been inlove with it forever everytime I tell my mom I want it she always busts out with "Nina dont even think about it". I'm feeling ranom and crazy today who knows maybe I'll come home with a hole in my lip. Does it hurt? I know Gina crazy_legz from lj had it, I had seen it in some of her pics.

Well everyone have a safe and good weekend. <3

mistake [Wednesday
March 9 2005
@ 10:10 am
[ mood | thirsty ]

I made a huge mistake I wiped out all my lj codes and got this ? not too interesting huh? someone come to my rescue please.

I'm stuck at work and I'm so bored it's dead. I'm sitting here thinking of how I could be all cozy in my bed watching dvd's I wish... I just joined a gym yayayay for me hope I keep going well I actually start today. Hopefully I'll get my ass in shape.

Is anyone going to Calle Ocho have fun? no Calle Ocho for me this yr. Enjoy a pincho for me.

anyways short post someone help PLEASE!

-edit; I just reazlized I have heard that Trick Daddy song millions of times Suggaaa on my Tounge and still dont know whats the exact name it's called.

There's a first time for everything [Sunday
March 6 2005
@ 6:14 pm
[ mood | tired ]

There's a first time for everything. Well this weekend was honeslty the funniest I have had in a while. What topped it off was that it was pay day on Friday. I really wanted to save and cash it right into a bank account because I really want to buy a new car by May. But the mall is way too much of a temptation to me. So I cashed it went home, changed and went directly to the mall. But my stupid ass forgot to bring my wallet what made it even better was that I was on empty I had to call my mom so she could put gas in my car. By that time there was too much traffic to go back to to the mall. I got dressed started getting ready to go see Be Cool with my boyfriend, plans failed we didnt he had to work. But chilled for a bit at his office before. The most ironic thing happend to me on the way over to his office. His office is right by the Triple A, next to that Art Institue in Down Town. The Heat game was letting out and I was in front of the triple A at a light. Fans were just getting out of the stadium. I told myself it would be so weird if I saw this guy which I dated for about a month (hes a MAJOR Heat fan) right there and then him and his boy and his boys chik pass right next to my car. Funny how things work out. I hate this guy on top of that but it only made my night better, (Hes one of those guys you look back on and say I could have done a million times better) Belkis, you know him. lol Any how, I got to my boyfriend office we chilled, watched TV, took a couple of stupid pics and then I headed home.

Saturday was honestly the funk. I loved it. I havent had a day out with just my friends in a while. I got up early and the day was so nice in Miami on Saturday it was so hot and sunny and there wasnt not one cloud in the sky. I hit the mall bought a bathing suit, bought some clothes then called my bestfriend. Randomly we just said lets hit the beach. So we packed up everything in my car and just both of us headed to my house which isnt too far from South Beach. Picked up some money, food and then called our boy Lola (No thats not his name lol) We picked him up, ate some Taco Bell which is our spot and then headed to the beach. The beach was packed there was hardly any place for any one to put there towels to lay out. I went into some store right next to Wet Willies and bought some Chanel glasses which I been wanting forever $280. My heart is still hurting from that. After that we went to Wet Willie Lola bought some drinks and we headed out to lay on the beach. I've never seen the beach so full. We layed out talked shit about everyone around us lol and drank. I never drink but my friend Lola is a major alchi. I never really have drank yes, I know I'm  rookie but I really dont like to drink. I think sloppy drunk females are the nastiest thing. Well I drank some heavy drink at Wet Willies I felt like just laying out and falling asleep. We We're there about 3 hours then headed to my house to change.

We changed really quickly headed to Lola's house so he could change and then headed to Fridays happy hour. There we drank a couple of more drinks (yum Friday Margaritas) we were there for like two hours then I dropped everyone home and headed home myself. I'm so tired and worn out, so I think I'm going to take a quick nap I took out the pics from the beach there arent many but here they are.

fry in hell motherfucker. [Tuesday
March 1 2005
@ 2:25 pm
[ mood | blank ]

Okay So I'm really into all the whole criminal investiagation thing (thats what I want to study this yr) so I know some of you must have heard one day of the BTK killer he was that crazy killer in Kansas going around since the 1970's. He would Bind, Torture and Kill= BTK. he would take pictures of these dead women and families and then send them to newspapers in Kansas. They finally caught the fuck in 05'


new addiction [Thursday
February 24 2005
@ 11:59 am
[ mood | aggravated ]

Well Iheard i's very addicting and since I'm bored at work like 90% of the time I decided to get myspace so if you have it pleaseeeeeeee add me PMARTELL05@HOTMAIL.COM because I have like zero friends expect for like belkis and tainzy ;]


help me. [Wednesday
February 2 2005
@ 6:37 pm
Can someone please be generous enough and help me fix my lj codes and change them around some what like the way lilmiamiqueen has her lj set up. P-L-E-A-S-E some one help. I'm clueless....

Major Friends Cut [Sunday
January 30 2005
@ 11:25 pm




HELPPPPPPP !!!! [Wednesday
January 12 2005
@ 11:32 pm

I'm still alive.. it's been a while but 'm back! [Friday
January 7 2005
@ 1:36 pm
[ mood | creative ]

Yes, I know it has been a while and I am sure that I have missed so much. The reason I was gone is because I was having a couple of things going on that I had to deal with also my computer was broken. But things are now going good the computer is fixed and I coulnd't ask for things to be going any better then they are now. I saw that plenty of my lj friends are no longer my lj friends but that's cool I did a major cut but I'm making this entry public so everyone who wants to add me again/new/whatever can now add me again. Any how, Things are going so good for me sometimes yeah sure I have my troubles but things are fine.

Love: I have a new boyfriend. Hey new boyfriends for the new year what more can you ask for. But actually I've been seeing "him" since early December. Things are great with him he's a great guy and I'm very happy. Yeah I hit a couple of bumps in the road cause I mean we live in Miami, Guys are assholes espechially down here. I really didn't expect to be with anyone I wanted to be alone, single having fun and living life with the "girls" but out of nowhere he came so things are cool I can't really complain.

School: Everything in school has drasticly changed everything! I was going to Coral Park no longer doing that. I was doing fine in school everything was cool except I was missing a couple of credits which wasn't good it being my senior year and all that. Also I was going to night school and doing everything I was suppose to but came to the realization that even with doing all of that I'll be graduating sometime in August or December. So I decided that I didn't want to do that because I came to a point in school where I was hating it so much that my heart was not into it. I didn't want to be there even though I was there all the time I just wasn't into the work so I wasn't learning as much as I should have been. So I came to a cross in the road where I had to either stay in High School and get behind in graduating, college and everything else. Something I dont want to do. After being in High School for 4 years it's time for a change it was the same rountine for 4 years I needed a change of life. I decided to leave Coral Park and go to another school where I can get my act together and everything can be okay. I'll be graduating in March. Which is perfect I really want to start college already. I guess I'm eager to "grow" up. The only thing scary is actually entering college and starting a new life. I know I'm going to MDCC for sure which campus I'm still trying to pick which one I want to go to: Interamerican Campus where it's a small campus right next to my house OR I can go to Kendall Campus and be with all my friends and get lost in a HUGE campus and get distracted with friends. So I dont know most likely it's be InterAmerican. Moving on...

Career: So guess what I decided already what I wanted to study and most likely I will be doing it I decided to study Criminal Justice I'm very into it and find myself constantly watching cops, the first 48, A & E shows. So I don't watch "TV" I just watch/read/get into all this cop shit which I have always liked. I know most of you must be looking at my pics and thinking this girly ass chik being a cop or anything like that pleassseee yeah right. Well I been known to kick a couple of bitchezzz asses <3 j/k nah but I really want to be a cop. But not ride around and giving all of you bad ass drivers tickets. NO I'm no future pig. I really want to work in something like CSI or Homicide. I don't know but thats what I believe I will be doing. Let's see what happends two years down the line two of my girls are enrolling into the police academy so it makes me want it even more. We'll see... I can picture all the guys wanting to get arrested by me lol anways...

Scary Shit: So with all this going on the scariest shit happend to me. Some guy followed me home. I was in my car at a light with all my windowns down talking on the phone with my bestfriend telling her "I'm going home" this guy in a white Impala next to me is trying to talk to me so I put up the music louder to block him out I turn the corner to my house I see him still following me I take a crazy turn to loose him he catches up. I start getting scared but then say fuck him and go home my house has a parking lot towards the back he waits in the street like seeing where I live and shit so I say fuck this I leave with my car catch up to his the rage came out of me and I told him "Why the fuck are you following me" He raises up a badge looks real but still dont trust no one like that he tells me I followed you cause u have a flat I said ok thanks knowing I dont have one I said thats it thats all you wanted right... Note I have cherries on my car and he says also wanted to know whats up with those cherries I said my ex man gave them to me he said oohh meaning u dont have one I said I do have one and what ... he says well i wanted to holla at u pull over there. I said Nah I cant peace rode out went around the block again then he still followed till I lost him. I told my man he was real pist at the fact I went home I know it was stupid but auhh I wanted to go home so bad. I told my mom my mom is terrified I normally go out very late to go see my boyfriend after a gig or w.e and come home at 5 so no more nights like that. My bestfriend almost got raped by some guys around her house they held a gun to her . GHETTO ASS MIAMI ! This is stupid that women have to live in fear of most men. Anyways . This just happend two days ago -knock on wood- that I stay ok.

Life: All together life is doing good. I'm happy sometimes it comes and goes and all that but things are getting way better then they were before before it was a constant depression because I had so much negativity going on around me everything sucked but things are doing good now I'm very happy and I guess you can say I'm almost completly on my feet. There's always room for things to get better so hopefully they will.

Well guys thats all for now I'm please looking for someone to help me out in an icon if you can help please comment me ;] Bye<3

It's finally kicking in... [Friday
August 20 2004
@ 3:57 pm

I can't even believe it that I'm a senior its a week into my school year and I'm walking through the halls and I'm thinking to myself "Damn I can't believe that I'm finally a SENIOR" I've been working my whole life in school just for this moment, just to graduate and start "life"; college life, adult life,etc. It's crazy This year I have two honor classes and the rest regular and it's so hard I have alot of homework and it's pretty hectic but I know this year is going to be a good one.

Anyways guess what comes out today? yes people the fucking EXORSIST I cant wait to go see it I've never even seen the first part because I've always been too much of a coward to watch it but this time I'm gonna see it fuck it. I'll be having nitemares for like 2 months now.

Today from school I had to go home early because I wasnt feeling too good I went home around 12 got home around 1 something. Hit the 826 and got to my house in less then 10 minutes. I was really proud of myself for hitting the expressway because I fucking hate them I get paranoid when people get real close next to me even if someone sits next to me in a movie theather I have to stand up and move. Thats super geeky of me. Well I guess I'm gonna stop talking crap and start doing my hair for tonight bye guys <3

new layout [Wednesday
August 18 2004
@ 9:29 pm
Thanks so very much to belkis which made a beautiful new layout for me all you guys have to go look at it right now.

Today I had school week is going by very slowly but my classes are all really good I have no really horrible complaints about any of them. I bought all the rest of the supply I needed and then went to my mans house. Took care of his little niece and she made me realize how ANNOYING little 5 year olds can be so I read her a book to calm her down did it work? Hell no. She jumped around even more and made even more of a mess. Around 6 I just ended up going home and leaving my man so he could hit the gym.

Another thing I dont know if you people living in Miami have seen this show because I dont think they show it in any other place then Miami. Its a Miami show called "The Player" too good. Has anyone seen it?

anyways enough rambling I'm off to watch some tv and relaxxxxx and comment you fuckers ;] <3

/ miami porn / ekk salads /whoa I can ramble on about just anything. [Monday
August 9 2004
@ 10:49 am

The countdown begins school starts in exactly a week. By this time next Monday I will be stuck in class getting once again bumped,shove, and pushed in the busy ass hallways of school. I haven't bought anything at all for school no supplies no clothes nothing so this week I magically have to come up with a bunch of money. Lets see how this is done.Anyways this year like any other year that I say I'm going to fully devote myself to school but this time I mean it this is senior year I have to go out with  good GPA. I dont even want to think about school right now because I'm really going to break my head with it; something I DONT want to since I'm still offically on vacation.

Anyways for the ones who know me personally know me I'm a porn-lover and even though I am  porn lover sometimes I must say that it disgustes me sometimes. For the ones who really like porn they know that alot I mean ALOT of porn is made in Miami. NO porn is not only blonde double DD ditsy girls. It is soooooo nasty the types of porn that there is. I ran across a grandmother that does porn lol it was the fucking nastiest she had her own web site and shes like 100 funniest thing is that abuleita gets down with everyone. Any how I was super bored this morning so I started looking to see whats new on all that Miami porn and I have seen several girls that I've seen from around the way or whatever. Evn though sometimes its okay t watch porn but ahhh today it seemed to disgust me. Sad how so many hoes in Miami go on to do porn  its like ahhh no wonder Miami girls get a bad rep. for being mutts but u know what its a little to early to be debating over hoes or whatever so next subject....

As some of you might know I been trying to be on a diet since I been back home with my family. It hasent been going good at all. I tried to eat a salad at home today and I couldnt it made me feel so nasty so no more SALADS for me lets see when I can start going to the gym.

Anyhow, I'm gonna go lay down and watch Ricky Lake and enjoy the last bit of summer I have left. bye guys <3 ;]

work / too sad / r.i.p rick james biatchez: [Saturday
August 7 2004
@ 10:41 pm

Yesterday and today we're my first days at my hopefully new job that mz_preciouzmari hooked me up with by the way Happy Belated 20th birthday to her. Any how the training/work has been okay I have to say that working in another shoe store before def. made things alot easier this time around for a new job at another shoe store I went to go apply on Wednesday I picked up brainsita from her mission of a house went top go apply they worked out my training hours and then shopped around a bit, went to checkers then ate at her house.

By Friday I was already doing training and I have to go back tommorrow. Lets see what happends in this job it seems pretty cool even though its going to take a bit to get adjusted to something new. Anyhow, on the way to work today I saw the sadest thing that I swear I could of sworn I was going to cry. There was a man and a women (a husband and wife) on the street of Flagler (this was Saturday) with a poster and a picture of a little boy that said "My son needs surgery our insurance was cancelled" Funniest thing is that right before this I was watching John Q. which was the most ironic thing. I could see there faces of desperation and they we're picking up alot of money but I knew for sure they we're going to be able to get all the money they needed. Only if everyone was rich huh ? No one would have any problems.

Anyways on another note I recieved the shock of my life when I found out Rick James died whoa what a shocker to me I was sitting around hearing 99 jamz when I hear it and I think he was only like 56 sad and makes you think? I wonder what Dave Chapelle would be saying about this one?

well guys I'm out of here I'm really tired. bye <3

thank you's / addictions [Friday
July 30 2004
@ 5:34 pm
[ mood | calm ]

I want to thank everyone that commented on my previous post thanks for the advice to everyone <3

I just finished getting my nails done nice when u cash your check and you can take care of yourself ahhhh working does pay off!

the funniest thing happend to me in the bank I was going in and those guys that dress up like the bank "mascot" or w/e was running all over the bank when I walked in he ran to me and got my hand and kissed it even though I was flattered the whole bank was silent and saw the whole thing which sort of embarrassed the shit out of me. I turned around and hes fanning himself. I was just glad he didnt tell me anything else after that.

After went to get my nails done and I have learned I have a new addiction red nail polish on short nails so sexy.

Did any one go to the Madonna concert I know it must of been the funk who knows when she'll come back. They we're playing he old school tracks like all day on 93.1 yesterday.

well I'm on my out of my mommas so I'll comment on some of u guys ljs later. ;] been slackingggggg. bye guys <3

The \\\\
Last Cigarette:8th grade
Last Alcoholic Drink:July 4th weekend
Last Car Ride:about an hour ago
Last Kiss:last night =x
Last Good Cry:2 days ago
Last Library Book:about a month or so ago
Last book bought:I cant really remember that one
Last Book Read:3 months ago
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Two Brothers
Last Movie Rented:The Butterfly Effect
Last Cuss Word Uttered:pinga =p
Last Beverage Drank:2 hours ago
Last Food Consumed:in the morning at around 11
Last Crush:its been a while
Last Phone Call:1 hour ago
Last TV Show Watched:The ryan seacrest show
Last Time Showered:at 2 today
Last Shoes Worn:Im wearing this right now tan sandles
Last CD Played:a trance mix
Last Item Bought:well last item paid for my nails
Last Download:lil flip-sunshine
Last Annoyance:my nails being wet and driving trying not to ruin them
Last Disappointment:yesterday
Last Soda Drank:last night at 5 in the morning
Last Thing Written:morning
Last Key Used:to get into my mommas house
Last Words Spoken:::signs::
Last Sleep:at 6 last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten:this pecan cone so good ;]
Last Chair Sat In:a red chair I'm sitting in now
Last Webpage Visited:myspace.com


late night thoughts read and comment ... ;] [Thursday
July 29 2004
@ 11:44 pm

Tonight I have done alot of thinking. Seems like when your driving and not blasting the radio up nothing can bother you because everything is so peaceful not even the old lady in front of you driving at 10 miles per hour can bother you.(well better said me) anyways on the way to my moms house tonight I decided I needed to sort things out in my mind and get away from the stress and the bullshit that I have going on as of late with my life at the "other" house. (my boyfriends house) I dont want to say that I might be leaving him but a possible break-up might be in the horizon for our relationship. I do care about him plenty but I guess I got a little too use to being single and running my own life instead of running a life that I feel married and confined to a invisble ring on my finger. I dont know if some of you can catch my drift but it all seems to make sense to me in my head and I guess thats what truly matters.

I guess what drives me to these thoughts is last night I had a huge fight with "him" for something that I cant even remember or think out what it really was that we we're fighting for so I guess it really wasnt that important. The fight got really bad and I am not into drama I left in my car as he left in his we speeded down a curvy street and my car slide. Almost crashing into a tree after me having a heart attack I thought? whoa I'm driving crazy out of rage? fuck this I'm taking my ass home looking at my empty gas tank I knew I wouldnt make it so I headed back to the house and tried not to fight. After I dont know how many screams I heard from his mouth he left to another room and went to bed. I went to sleep the night was over. It was way much worse then I'm saying but I dont really want to get into all of that. Any how, I wake-up in the morning and he acts as if nothing ever happend so I think: Is this what you call a healthy relationship?, Will it always be like this? How much longer will I have to put up with someone elses crap? so that drives me to think why do I want to be with this person.

My mom says I have been letting myself go a little bit also that I use to take such good care of my self and now its like I dont even care. Which coming from my mom is like whoa have I gotten that bad? So tommorrow after picking up my check that I have worked so hard for I will be giving my mom some money and then using the rest on my to dye my hair. (blonde) tommorrow I have to do that its going to be my own way to make myself feel a little better.

On another note school is going to start too soon. Maybe a little way too soon am I ready? NO of coarse not. But its my last year deal with it and thats it, is going to be my mind frame on things.

Thats it for now well I have a myspace.com account and even though I never payed attention to it I will now because it seems pretty cool anyways if any one has an account and can help me out in my background please let me know.

bye <3  

bad/good news [Tuesday
July 27 2004
@ 7:41 pm

bad news:

Ricky Williams has now r-e-t-i-r-e-d. Can someone say unexpected? well hes gone its over now time to pick up the pieces and get on with it.

Also...now I am currently looking for another job. I left the shoe store alone. A) I wasnt happy at the store even though the pay was good B) I need a job that will match up with my school schedule.

good news:

I decided to make myself feel a little better about letting my job go I decided to take a little trip down to South Beach top the M.A.C store my brother had gotten me a gift certificate in May and I never used it. Today I did I bought $65.00 in make-up and only ended up buying 4 items of make-up. M.A.C fetishs can really empty out a girls pockets. Anyways  it was too worth it. I bought lipglass, a blush, a mascara, and a higlighter for your cheeks. It would be so nice to have a ton of cash and just blow it on make-up but for little people like me that just cannot be done.

anyhow, Right now I'm at my mommas house visiting her and of coarese eating some home cooked food yummmm. I dont expect to be away from home for much longer I dont think I can hang even though its nice being away from your family I guess I have gotten way to use to the atmosphere of my own home rather then someone elses. Even though I can do whatever the hell I want over there its just not the same. So we'll see what the outcome of all of this will be.

off I go to munch <3 bye

OMFG !!!! [Monday
June 28 2004
@ 10:22 pm
[ mood | surprised ]

OMFG! Okay Vida Guerra,Tyra Banks, etc. eat your fucking hearts out. These two girls if you don't know them they are my favirote models like basically in the world NO not everyone knows them but they should be known. Yes, there video chicks but AND? I can't believe that BOTH of them made the cover of King Magazine in the same month. (Gloria Velez is the blonde one Melyssa Ford is the other one) here they are ;]

June 24 2004
@ 5:05 pm
[ mood | pissed off ]



1/2 weekend ;] [Saturday
June 19 2004
@ 5:05 pm
[ mood | loved ]

Life is too good now ;]

I'm home relaxing enjoying my weekend before school starts Monday and so far my weekend has been going good. Friday was nasty mission I had to go through. I got up at my man's house went to go do a couple of things to his car because I was gonna pimp it at night ;] Went to my man's boys house chilled there a little while then made the mission all the way to North Miami (I live in Little Havana) so you can imagine the mission to and from. My bestfriend  moved to North Miami in front of her mom into her own little place that her mom got for her. Just because no one can stand living with her. (I did it for a month and it was out of hand the mess, the fights, the piles of dirty clothes, everything!) Anyways it was 8 something by this time we got back to my house picked up some money went to buy a couple of things for the night, got dressed. Got ready and then the two pimp mami's went on our way. I took pictures so I'll have them up as soon as I can. (I havent been taking pictures lately cause some guy took my cam who knows when I'll get it back) After we went to some girl Shelia's house from back in the days, went to the gas station it was packed a bunch of guy's washing there cars. I rolled in waited for my man and his boys to get there they we're already drinking so we chilled a little while, after that I rode out went to my bestfriend Kimberly's ex-man's house got a couple of CD's and went to cruise the grove it was SUPER WACK and SUPER EMPTY it was like 1 something. We went to eat then cruised around a while and after met up with my man and his boys again in my parking lot we clowned. Then back to North Miami we went to drop off my girl Kim at her house. Some how we ended up in the Airport I have no clue how or why. After we went home! Night over ;]

Today: I'm dieing to go see SHREAK 2 everytime I pass by BK or see a Sherk 2 thing it makes me so sad I have to drag my boyfriend to get his ass to see it. It looks too good. Anyways Today basically I havent done much I might just chill and do something little like go to the movies. Also I dont know if you guys have seen it yet but I'm a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE SIMPLE LIFE 1 OR 2 fan I'm obsessed now with the show more then ever. And if you guys havent seen it you guys must go out and see Nicole Richie on the cover off Stuff Magazine looking so beautiful and so different for some reason she's resembling Paris Hilton a little bit. But she looks very diffrent anyways I'm out to take a nap!

Tommorrows Finally beach day I havent gone to the beach in forever! so if your out there I wanna know ;] bye <3

question: Has the new Trina album come out yet it was suppose to be out May 11th ???

its just a questionnnnnn ? [Thursday
June 17 2004
@ 10:15 pm
OKay this is just a question its not for anything but supposbly I heard that theres injections to get thicker in whatever places you like or whatever ? Does it really exist NO its not coligen injections at least I dont think so! so if there is what are they ?

boring updates ;] but read it ! [Wednesday
June 16 2004
@ 9:45 am
[ mood | lazy ]

I'm finally back home I been out of my house for at least a week. I missed my momma, my cat and my palm tree room (I love anything with palm trees on it). Todays my man's last day at work until vacation so that means I'll be working on my tan all week at the beach while most of you fuckers are at work. I'm also about to go bathing suit shopping which I havent done in forever hopefully I'll find something good.

Another thing my tounge ring fell out and I think it closed =/ and I( start summer school in about a week I'm counting down to days. Maybe it wont be that bad it's only for a couple of hours anyways.

I'm off to lay down I'm feeling kind of dizzy and light-headed bye <3

and do me the favor it would be nice to get comments from EVERYONE sometimes instead of 17 people out of my friends list of like 70 something.  

question? [Saturday
June 12 2004
@ 1:55 pm
[ mood | hot ]

How can I send a picture from an email (computer) to a sprint phone? (The sprint phone isnt a camera phone) but can recieve pictures. Is it by the number? or by an email? This might be a dumb question =/ but ANSWER IT!!!! please =D

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